Vendor Program

A major focus of our business is the establishment and implementation of Vendor Programs.

Our team of dedicated professionals will provide a full-range of services, including:

  • Client Services (e.g., phone, fax, in-field support, training, collateral materials and marketing support);
  • Lease proposal preparation, custom structuring and negotiation;
  • Rapid credit review and underwriting
  • Documentation
  • Funding
  • Servicing and Administration
  • Remarketing

Why your customers want to lease?
Users realize an immediate reduction in operating costs. The Leasing Solution immediately impacts the user’s ROA

Avoid budget constraints. Monthly “rental” payment may be acceptable within an operating budget – avoiding capital budgeting limitations

Reduce Technology Risk. Leasing allows easy upgrades and flexibility at the end of term, including return privileges and potential trade-in credits; therefore mitigating some risks of technological obsolescence

Simplify the Acquisition Process. The Vendor provides a convenient single-source comprehensive solution; avoiding the need to go to a third-party (customer’s bank or another leasing company) for financing

Manage Financial Objectives. Leasing offers many companies significant financial benefits, including: off-balance sheet treatment, tax deferral, improved earnings, leverage and working capital ratios

Improve Cash Flow. Leasing equipment more closely matches your customers’ cash outlay with inflows from its utilization. Structuring the payment stream for your customer may also help with seasonal needs

Reduce Cost of Ownership. In many cases, a lease can provide the lowest overall cost of utilization to your customer.